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Storytime with Mimi

Artist Statement by

Candace Whittemore Lovely

Storytime with Mimi

24×36 Oil on Linen 2014

Storytime with Mimi Web

As a painter, I strive to embrace American Impressionism through my on artistic lens, Most of work captures non-confrontational view of contemporary American life, including landscapes of treasured locales and people at play in idyllic locations. The most profound moment in the artistic process for me is when a portrait is delivered and the patron realizes the essence of the subject has been dynamically secured on a canvas.

For me, the key to creating a satisfying portrait means allocating the necessary time to observe my subject(s) in their environment. While painting from life is my practice, I first take photographs in order to uncover the ideal composition that we all like. I then do a small painted study of this composition on canvas from life, for me to remember colors of the setting, especially skin tones that reflect authenticity and establish timelessness for a large canvas I will then finish in my studio.

The core of my artistic competence comes from understanding that form is created where highlight meets the shadow. I studied the sight size method in charcoal until I mastered being able to draw a plaster cast, from life, bathed in North light then advancing to still life and portraiture in oils. Each form I paint is a result of being sensitive to the painterly juxtaposition of values, hues and intensities all of which is presented in my painting, “Storytime with Mimi.” For example, upon close examination, viewers will notice that light bounces off the book pages onto the shadowed faces creating a play of warm color notes, where other shadows are cool.

The portrait of Mimi with her granddaughters represents a new phase in life for Mimi wherein she patiently shares her love of reading with the next generation, hoping to be a positive and lasting influence. It is a common sentiment felt by grandparents in every culture. “Storytime with Mimi” invites viewers to observe an intimate moment of bonding as well as experience the everyday love they share as a family.

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