“Liberty” is an aluminum sculpture, painted on both sides, in a style that draws from both impressionist as well as folk art painters.


The French impressionist painter, Monet, used dashes of color which were visible up close but, after stepping back, became realistic when optically mixed or juxtaposed.  Post-impressionist Seurat followed him by incorporating Ben-Day dots which, again, could be seen individually up close, but transformed into objects and landscapes when seen from afar. Today pixels have revolutionized the Ben-Day Dot.


Liberty’s front side exemplifies this digital technique.  Each square alone is just a measurement of color but, from a distance, the squares visually combine to produce form.


From the artist: “The combination of squares mesmerizes you with prismatic colors emphasizing the play of light as it contrasts between highlights and shadows, constructing shape, all designed to attract you to the women’s statuesque body catching the wind in her skirt.”


The back side, in contrast to the contemporary pixels on the front, is based on early folk art, painted with stripes and bows, again using light and dark to depict movement.


From the artist: “Liberty gives homage to the feminine side of America’s psyche, embodying the standards of courage, morality, and beauty.  The site connotes freedom, as she, her umbrella, dog and basket create a triangular shape on the beach. The umbrella symbolizes protection, the basket nourishment, and the dog loyalty.  It wears a reflective engraved tag with intertwined lettering of GOD and DOG reinforcing the quality of unconditional love.”


About the artist: Candace Whittemore Lovely is an award-winning American Contemporary Impressionist painter and Copley Master, trained in the Boston School tradition. She is known for her portraits, seascapes and landscapes, as well as capturing the joy of day-to-day life.


Candace had the honor of painting one of First Lady Barbara Bush’s official White House portraits in 1990 and has been called “the Grand Dame of Boston Painters” by critics.


Candace lives and works in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  For more information, please visit her website at


Painted Aluminum 



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