Color with Candace Whittemore Lovely Hilton Head Island


Soft Cover book 11×8.5




Welcome to my coloring book. Ever since Sir Isaac Newton, dispersed sunlight thru a prism and discovered white light is made of all colors, scientists have been trying to reproduce color with realism. Inside this book, I have shared with you, basic scientific knowledge of how to mix colors; the simplest and fastest way I know how.  You will learn to achieve a likeness, with the simplest medium…using only three primary colored crayons.  Enjoy! Candace Whittemore Lovely

About the Book

If you’d like to know the impressionist’s magic and secrets of color, then this book is for you, no matter what age you are. Maybe you just like to color for the sheer enjoyment of a childhood delight. For those who want to learn how to see form and color, this book can open up a whole world of artistic pleasures. The images are from my original oil paintings of Hilton Head Island.

Each painting is in values, “the relative lightness or darkness of a color” of primary blue. Since form is made where the highlight meets the shadow, you can see form immediately. The highlights and shadows are for you to color. While coloring, you will get a taste of what it’s like to follow the rules of nature, light and color.

The challenge now rests with you to color hues with values and chroma. Magic will happen when you color over the blue painting with the other 2 primary pigment colors, yellow and red. Secondary colors like green are made by adding yellow to blue. Or purple is created by combining primary red with primary blue. Orange is made from yellow and red. Chroma, or the intensity, is made by adding the complementary color. To make brown; mix red with its opposite hue, green.


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