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Welcome to The Impressionist Way

If you’ve ever imagined painting like Monet, but didn’t believe you could, you’re in for a wonderful surprise! And it doesn’t take years of training or an arts degree.

What my coloring books share is Monet’s knowledge of color so you can begin painting like an impressionist by simply using three primary color crayons —Red, Yellow and Blue.

As you color over my primary blue images, you’ll immediately begin to feel like an impressionist master. The gentle tones and incredible hues seem to magically appear on each image. Using this fascinating technique, as new colors develop, the beauty and tranquility of a Monet painting will touch your soul.

The act of coloring has been known to help people of all ages. It stimulates children’s imagination, improves their concentration and strengthens their eye-hand coordination. For all of us, creative focus helps us relax and enter into a meditative state, helping to reduce pain, stress and  anxiety.

Remember — you are the artist.  All you need are three crayons and the extraordinary creativity that’s ready to emerge from within you.

Let me show you how

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Candace Whittemore Lovely

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