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Privacy Policy

We have installed Google Analytics on this website and thus, Google is tracking various actions you take and details about you like your gender, age, and location. We can view this information but cannot tie it to any particular user’s name. We also collect personal information inputted by you, the user. This includes, but is not limited to, information submitted through contact forms, email sign up forms, and blog comments. We retain the right to store and use any information you have submitted to us manually and any information collected automatically through your use of the site.

Should you submit personal information to us, such information will not be shared with third parties unless otherwise indicated in that particular location where you input the information. This would include cases such as a live event involving another business or artist for which you submit your email address or telephone number to us in order to receive information about the event. Your information would then be shared with the other business or artist. In any instance where this is not disclosed, your information will not be shared with a third party, but will pass through one or more third-party tools such as Mad Mimi, WordPress, Celery, PayPal, or WooCommerce. These third-party tools will not access your personal information, but merely store it for our use.

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