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Boston Marathon Angels

Artist Statement by

Candace Whittemore Lovely

Boston Marathon Angels

Boston Marathon Angels

14×18 inches Oil on Linen 2013

The news prompted me to paint the Boylston Street scene to commemorate the events of the Boston Marathon tragedy. The deadly smoke in the image reminded me of Paul Revere’s painting depicting the Boston Massacre of 1770. I felt it was my calling to record yet another Boston tragic event on canvas.

The shocking cruelty of this terrorist attack led me to seek relief by praying for the victims, their families and the many people who came to their aid. With each brush stroke, my prayers were so heartfelt and strong that I found myself transposing the deadly explosion into heavenly cloud shapes of the four victims faces that lost their lives, securing there fate in the heaven with God.

The Boston Marathon tragedy also exposed the best of humanity, which is why I am confident that we will recover, repair and heal. “Boston Marathon Angels” is one of the many outpourings of love that resulted from this day.


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